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Implementing A Digital Sales & Marketing Channel with Marius Vaarkamp, Business Director of BASF Fuel & Lubricant Solutions

Marius discusses his learnings from launching a digital commerce portal for his business.
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Agilis invites you to our new webinar series

Over the next few months, we will be sponsoring discussions with experts around the digitalization of commerce in the B2B industrial space.

Guests from BASF, Google, Salesforce, and tech entrepreneurs will share their experiences in implementing digital commerce, with Emmy-award-winning host Jeff Houghton as moderator.

In these live events, you will learn:

  • Why does digital commerce matter for B2B industrial markets like chemicals
  • What do customers expect when engaging through digital channels
  • What options are available for chemical suppliers to leverage digital opportunities and the benefits of different approaches
  • How leaders in the chemical industry have implemented digital channels for their businesses and what lessons can be learned from their experiences

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